Sweet Love Quotes For Him Or Her

Below are some sweet  cute quotes for your special one, perfect to express your love to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.

My heart is perfect because you are inside.

Sweet Love Quotes For Him Or Her

Sweet Love Quotes For Him Or Her

Sweet love quotes for your boyfriend

  1. I love to see you lead and let your guard down. You are different and a little crazy but above all you are mine and I dearly love you. I want you to wake up with that assurance. I want to see your tears and to laugh with you. I want to be your woman forever.

Give your man the desire to be vulnerable, allow him to show you his scars and to reflect his authentic self to you. Allow him to let you in on his deepest fears and painful moments. Share in his world.

  1. It is in the way you look at me or the way you sing along to good songs. Maybe it’s in the heartiness of your laughter or the firm handshake. Whatever it is, it keeps me to you. I will be your woman and stand by you. Let me hold your hand and look into your eyes, let’s build our lives together.

-There are always those little things that truly make relationships work and we all have our own, don’t we? Never let them die.

  • I will stand by you and help you lead. We will have the pillow fights and hum along on our evening walks. In those little things, I get to feel you heart.

-Everyone wants someone to know them and feel them deeply. As the man he wants you to be a part of the things that truly matter to him. Join in his journey and seek to know what is going on in his life.

  1. You are the man of my dreams and the glow of my life. You’ll be the father to mine children and the nurturer of my soul. I love you. We will smell the roses and play silly games. We will watch the autumn come and the winter drive by. We will regale in the summer and dress for spring. We are meant to be forever.

-Time flies by an unannounced and when we can never be more productive, than the in moments when we are deliberate about spending the seasons with those that we love. When old age comes and the years go by, we will remember the times we took be there for those dear and near to us.


  1. We’ve been through lack and watched our fortunes tumble. We’ve cried to the sound of loss and laughed in the moments of truth. After all these years you are still the only girl who makes my heart skip.

-A new love can rarely be delighted upon, the true brilliance of love is that moment when after all the trials and triumph have come and gone you still feel the same way about him. It is the priceless gift you can give him.

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