Cute Funny love quotes for your husband

Below are some cute funny love quotes for your husband, use these quotes to let him know how much you love him!

I promise to love you even through football season

Cute Funny love quotes for your husband

Cute Funny love quotes for your husband

Lest face it, most men get really cranky and self-absorbed when their favorite team loses. We are not the most lovable beings when the score of our team is written all over our faces. The emotional distance we create ends up making every one to walk on egg shells. Wives have to take on the noble calling of standing by their men. Still do not question his choice of a football team, remember you are also one of his choices.


A good marriage is always a matter of giving and taking. The husband gives and the wife takes.

As the saying goes a happy man is he who makes more than his wife can spend.  Most often, because of the patriarchal nature of our societies, men tend to be the providers and the women the nurturers and recipients of the family endowment.  So there you have it, ether make a lot of money or get one who spends the little you have, either way make sure it’s more than she wants to blow on dresses and shoes.


Many a man in love with a dimple make the mistake of marrying the whole girl.

You saw the girl, you liked something about her, maybe it is that dimple that comes up when she smiles, or tone of her skin, maybe it is how she laughs or the way she calls your name. Do not and I repeat do not take that to mean she is the one. So you like one thing about her? That is natural, get comfortable with it, and just don’t make a decisions around it. Otherwise you are a candidate to becoming one miserable husband.


Marriage is always a relationship where one person is right and the other is the husband.

Happy wife equals happy home or so the saying goes. As the man, learning to take what she says and what she needs seriously, puts you halfway towards having a great relationship. Remember she depends on you to affirm her in public and to uplift her in private.


I told my husband to take whatever belongs to him and leave. He put me on his shoulders and headed for the door.

When love ebbs, it is very easy to start having a mine versus his mindset.  It is easier to draw those lines on the ground and demand what you think is rightfully yours. But what you truly have is each other. You are each other’s most prized gift.

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